•̩̩͙·͙⁺˚Hello Kitty·͙⁺˚•̩̩͙

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  • Fullbody Ready
  • SDK 3.0


  1. You can be super cute, but if someone pisses you off, go into a creep mod.
  2. You can chop off your own arm, leave it in peace, give it to a friend.
  3. You can make a fountain of blood if you're fed up with someone.
  4. A pet that can sit in your hands and chase you all over the map.
  5. A mask that you can pull down with your hand.
  6. You can have half of your arm, ear, tail bitten off.
  7. You can scare your friend with your cute laugh.
  8. You have 2 cute clothing styles and 3 pairs of hair
  9. Gogo locomotive



Anti Eye-Poke System! Her eyes will close if any fingers get too close!

Get close and personal with her for a kissy face.

Pat her head for a happy face with heart particles and there's a purr.

When you give her a boop, she gets disgruntled.

When you in creepy mod cut yourself with a knife or chainsaw blood appears and the other person, the screen turns red.

If this happens in non-creepy fashion, however, hearts fall out of you.

You may purposely or accidentally cut your arm off with a chainsaw.
You or your friend can steal your severed hand.

Your friend might bite off part of your arm, ear, tail.

You can pull the mask down on your own.

Everything else.


1. You are NOT allowed to share any assets, fbx's or unity package of my projects with others.
2. You are NOT allowed to share any textures, parts, shaders that are not public
3. Don’t claim my work as your own!
4. You are NOT allowed to resell my avatars to other people even if you made some modifications on it!
5. If you bought any of my Unity Packages, you are allowed to upload it to ONE other person besides of yourself (Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend for example).
You may not share the package or any of the assets with this person, you may only upload it to their Account yourself.
6. You are NOT allowd to upload my models as Public or Sell it to someone else
7. You are NOT allowed to use my face base and body and any assets made by me for your avatars.
8. If you are modifying my Yui model (or any other my model) then you must issue it as a Yui.
9. You are NOT allowed to use my base and face for personal avatars without my consent.
10. You are NOT allowed to remove my discord name, even if you bought an avatar.
11. You cannot return goods cannot be returned after purchase. Make your purchases judiciously, I will not be responsible for you.

My discord channel: https://discord.gg/T3DRYZQ

My discord Id: KasaiAisu#8268

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You cannot return goods cannot be returned after purchase. Make your purchases judiciously, I will not be responsible for you.
This is also stated in my policy when purchasing a 3D model.
Any digital item is non-returnable because that person may have already used it for their own purposes.

Last updated Oct 24, 2023

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•̩̩͙·͙⁺˚Hello Kitty·͙⁺˚•̩̩͙

26 ratings
I want this!