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  • Fullbody Ready
  • Versions colors, Pink and black
  • SDK 3.0
  • NSFW
  • DPS


  • Toggle Katana
  • Toggle blood
  • AFK pose


  • Toggle off top
  • Toggle Lewd tor apron
  • Toggle Apron
  • Toggle Pink Color
  • Toggle Dress
  • Toggle Gloves
  • Toggle Katana
  • Toggle Blood
  • Three pairs of Hair
  • Two pairs of Shoes
  • Removable Stockings
  • Removable Straps
  • Removable Ears
  • Removable Tail
  • Removable Underwear
  • Removable Pants

Avatar contact:

  • Pat
  • Boop
  • Breasts
  • Embarrassment when faces touch
  • Slap ass
  • Taill
  • 2-Pussy (Deep and touching)
  • Katana 2- sound of impact

There is sound in each.


Eye Shader: RED_SIM#1337 (
Everything else: KasaiAisu#8268 (


1. You are NOT allowed to share any assets, fbx's or unity package of my projects with others.
2. You are NOT allowed to share any textures, parts, shaders that are not public
3. Don’t claim my work as your own!
4. You are NOT allowed to resell my avatars to other people even if you made some modifications on it!
5. If you bought any of my Unity Packages, you are allowed to upload it to ONE other person besides of yourself (Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend for example).
You may not share the package or any of the assets with this person, you may only upload it to their Account yourself.
6. You are NOT allowd to upload my models as Public or Sell it to someone else
7. You are NOT allowed to use my face base and body and any assets made by me for your avatars.
8. If you are modifying my Yui model (or any other my model) then you must issue it as a Yui.
9. You are NOT allowed to use my base and face for personal avatars without my consent.
10. You are NOT allowed to remove my discord name, even if you bought an avatar.
11. You cannot return goods cannot be returned after purchase. Make your purchases judiciously, I will not be responsible for you.

My discord channel:

My discord Id: KasaiAisu#8268

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